Hawick Callants Club: founded 1904

Hawick Callants Club
His heart is warm, his hand is free,
His love's an inspiration
For Border hill and dale, and Hawick
His centre of creation;
And fair or tyrst aye proves the best
To him wi' a bit brawl in't,
He'll fight the field though heids are peel'd
He wunna yield, the Callant

Matthew Gotterson

Congratulations to Cornet Gareth Renwick

All the best from all Callants' Club members to Cornet Gareth Renwick and Lass Jennifer Nichol, Acting Father and Mother John and Lynn Lyle.

2017 Competition Winners

Winners of the schools essay competition, High School prize winners and the Common Riding Shop Window Display competition.

Full details of winners of all 2017 competitions

Other news

  • The Annual Dinner for 2018 was held on Friday 2nd March in the Hawick Rugby Clubrooms. The guest was David McVittie, and a full report can be found here.
  • Read about the 2017 Gallipoli Day along with images taken at the Horse Monument and the War Memorial... Read the full article
  • The Club have been contacted by Dianne Laing of Archaeology Scotland for help in turning Stobs Camp into a Heritage Site by 11 November 2018 with links to Hawick Archaeological Society. If any members have recollections, etc., on Stobs Camp, again please contact the Hon. Secretary.
  • The following photos are reproduced by courtesy of ILF Imaging, Sandbed: website main photo showing the Cornet and his followers; Derick Tait presenting robes to Stuart Marshall; Cornet on Hawick Moor.

Formed in 1904, the aims of the society are:

  • The cultivation of local sentiment
  • The preservation of the ancient customs and institutions of the town of Hawick...
  • The fostering of local art and literature
  • etc

The history of the club, and an explanation of our aims can be found in this section...

The club...


A central section of this website is a comprehensive essay on the Common Riding: its traditions and origins.

This was first written in 1983 by the Callants Club and Ron Taylor, and has been revised over the years as things have changed. It remains the definitive guide to Hawick Common Riding.

The essay comprises 18 chapters; it covers all ceremonies and traditions; and is an invaluable and easily-read reference.

Very much recommended reading.

Hawick Common Riding


Kenny McCartney is the 2018 President.

Full list of officials...


In this article you can read a brief history of Hawick and its colourful past.

Written by renowned local author Ian Landles, the article describes in a nutshell what is special about the town of Hawick.