Hawick Callants Club: founded 1904

But through it a' betide what may
I'll cherish aye the same
The far off Hawick o' Callant days
My long lost Scottish hame.
My hung'ring heart will constant yearn
For scenes that hain the past
The Borderland, the Borderland,
My first love and my last.

J. E. D. Murray

Callants Club Publications

Hawick and Teviotdale in Song and Poetry

There are 12 tracks of songs and poetry on this Callant Clubs CD: a fascinating journey through local literature. The list of tracks is:

  1. The Hawick Callant
  2. Songs of Teviotdale
  3. The Fairest Spot O' A'
  4. Hawick Lasses
  5. The Queen O' the Auld Scottish Border
  6. The Bleach
  7. Auld Hawick, ma Border Hame
  8. The Lassie that Works in the Mill
  9. Hawick Volunteers
  10. Robbie Dye
  11. The Bonnie Banner Blue
  12. Callant's Song

5.00 + 1.00 postage and packing.

Hawick in the 20th Century

As part of the Club's Centenary celebrations in 2004 a book was published to illustrate various aspects of Hawick over the past century. It is a fresh and fascinating volume, dealing as it does with events and personalities which many people today can remember personally - or with which they will be familiar with at second-hand from their parents and others.

A handsome hardback with a wealth of photographs, Hawick in the 20th Century covers:

  • The Founding of Hawick Callants Club
  • Stobs Camp, Hawick
  • Art and Literature
  • The Common-Riding
  • Hawick and its Wars
  • Sporting Heroes
  • Hawick Industry
  • Highlights of Hawick Callants Club's history

7.50 + 2.50 postage

Hawick in song and poetry

A small paperback size book with 98 pages

The latest reprint (2009) of this most sought after book which contains words and lyrics to Hawick songs and poetry.

Hawick in song and poetry includes songs of the Common Riding, songs in praise of Hawick, songs of local personalities, songs of the Borderland and poems of the Borderland.

5.00 + 1.00 postage