Hawick Callants Club: founded 1904

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Here Callants once at Flodden's fight
Renowned for deeds of matchless might
When Scotland's valour sank in night
Shone Hawick's on the Border.
And long as Hornshole Brig shall stand
That trusty valour through the land
Shall tell the story proud and grand
Of Hawick on the Border.

J L Hercus

14 March 2014: Presentation of refurbished robes

Photo by courtesy of ILF Imaging, Sandbed, Hawick

Photo by courtesy of ILF Imaging, Sandbed, Hawick

Hawick Callants Club has always played a prominent role in the civic life of the town. In 1906 a public subscription was launched which resulted in the purchase of robes and a chain of office for the Provost; in 1964 the Provost's robe was replaced; in 1976, following local government reorganisation, a constitution was drawn up for the new Honorary Provosts Council; and in 1979 a new chain for use by the Honorary Provost was presented, following the loss of the original.

So when it was intimated that the robes worn by the Honorary Provost and Bailies at civic functions were showing signs of deterioration, and with the 2014 quincentenary celebrations fast approaching, the Club readily agreed to fund the cost of repairs. Repairs were carried out at local outlet Border Brides with the 1000 cost being met by the Club. Thanks to the expertise of the staff at Border Brides the robes have been given a new lease of life which should ensure their use for many years to come, and the Club has ensured that our civic tradition will continue in the proper manner.